TAG No.5 Vodka 1140mL / 60 oz. (PET)
TAG No.5 Vodka 1140mL / 60 oz. (PET)

TAG No.5 Vodka 1140mL / 60 oz. (PET)

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How it's Made

Ontario craft vodka made from locally grown Ontario sweet corn giving it a distinct hint of sweetness followed by subtle notes of lemon zest, caramel, and black licorice. Distilled five times and filtered for five days, for a rich, ultra-smooth texture and pleasingly clean finish, perfect for mixing any cocktail. The 375 ml is the ideal size for travelling and our bottles are lightweight PET plastic which is highly recyclable and BPA free.

How it Tastes

Once you've tasted TAG No. 5 vodka made with sweet corn from Ontario's farmland you will never return to another vodka. It's the perfect touch of sweetness followed by notes of lemon zest, caramel and black licorice. Our multi layered distilling and filtering process provides for a ultra-smooth texture and pleasing clean finish

How it Mixes

TAG No. 5 is smooth enough to drink and enjoy on it's own but please click here for our favourite recipes.