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Our Expertise

  • We offer extensive experience in flavour formulation, including all-natural and low calorie
  • Expertise in the production, sourcing and selection of spirits such as rum, whisky, vodka and gin
  • Sourcing and delivery of materials such as bottles, cans, labels, boxes and closures
  • Personalized packaging and QA services

Bottling and Canning

  • Three automated bottling lines, offering low-cost efficiencies and flexibility 
  • Bottling formats from 50mL to 1.75L
  • Prototype samples and production runs, from 400 to thousands of cases daily
  • 1,000,000+ annual case capacity
  • Canning of carbonated and flat beverages, spirit and non-spirit RTDs, ciders, wines and beer
  • Can formats include 250ml slim, 355ml standard, and 473ml within inline shrink-sleeve labelling capabilities and flexible packaging options
  • Advanced pasteurization and homogenization, processing 6000 cans per hour for viscous products such as caesars, bloody marys and juice-based products
  • Complete onsite lab services and rigid QA program testing water quality, product and packaging including Aerobic Plate Count (APC), CO2 levels, fill-level detection, seam scanning and accelerated shelf-life testing
  • 2,000,000+ annual case capacity

Warehouse and Distribution

  • Storage services within our CRA Bonded Warehouse
  • Freight logistics and distribution across Canada, the United States, and global export

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