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You guys make the best drinks and 1 day delivery is awesome 😍😍

Sarah J

Tastes much better than some of the more expensive vodkas I've tried. No more LCBO lines!

Evan R

New go to seltzers, I love these!! They are not too sweet, have great flavours! Highly recommend

Michelle G

What a great Whisky, beats 40 creek, CC and Royal. Will definitely be buying it again.

Robert A

I have been drinking gin as my fav for 40 years. I was quite surprised when I picked this up!!! wow! Straight up in a martini. My new fav!

Dawn H

MAVERICK DISTILLERY™ is Ontario’s first craft distillery. Since 2009 we've been creating top-shelf spirits like our highly popular TAG No.5 Vodka, Barnburner Whisky, Ginslinger Dry Gin, and a diverse range of coolers, making us a beloved choice among Ontarians. The Maverick Team are committed to provide the finest tasting spirits and best value in Ontario. Watch for what's coming next!

Gin Martini

Rosemary Apple
Whisky Sour